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Spoke Research Specializes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research and Trials
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Clinical Trials

Spoke Research studies new treatments, conducts tests and evaluates their effects on human health outcomes.

Medical Surveys

At Spoke Research, medical surveys are done to assess prospective patients for the outcome of a Clinical Trial.

IBD Research

Our lab specializes in the research of Inflammatory Bowel Disease to better understand the condition and help find new treatments.

Meet the TeaM

DR Malgorzata George

DR Malgorzata George

Research Doctor


Dr Eduan Deetlefs

Dr Eduan Deetlefs


Cert in Gastroenterology

Vanesha Naidoo

Vanesha Naidoo

Study Nurse


Medical Trials

Spoke Research performs various Clinical Trials with the hope of finding a better treatment for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Our investigations vary from current to innovative treatments and how it affects human health.

Medical surveys

Future treatments are now one step closer. 

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